" Van" Van Der Merwe comes from Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. He has been interested in knives since the age of nine. First as a collector then as a very novice knife maker.  
He made his first
real knife in 1985
when he received
a piece of 440C
knife steel.
It was a hunting
knife. After this
he was hooked
and wanted to
learn more.

In 1989 Van met
a professional
knife maker by
the name of Peter
Bouchop. He
invited Van to
make a knife
at his workshop.
Van's first Professional knife was a knife buckle, which he was extremely proud of, and still wears every day of his life. After seeing Peter's equipment Van started building his own grinders and in no time he was making his own knives using his own equipment.  

In 1990 Van met a man that wanted 200 biltong knives, there was no turning back.....

• Van went to his first knife makers show in 1994, and by 1997 Van had won 4 awards namely:

1. Best folding knife
2. Best art folder
3. Best knife on show
4. Best table display
• In 1998 Van went to his first knife makers guild show and took honors for the best innovation with a foldable knife and fork set.

• In 1999 he got the award for the best art folder.

In 1997 Van's son Ivan started helping him full time making knives, and now they are a team. Ivan is also very good at his work and is hoping to be accepted to the knife makers guild.

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